I remember one dream.

I was pregnant and went to see a gynecologist. Everything was fine until she or he (and im pretty sure it started that way) decided during the examination to find my g-spot which soon gave me an orgasm. Then the doctor used a vibrator and that too gave me and orgasm. We then moved to another room or place (also did not look pregnant at first then had a small belly then it changed again at least once to a bigger belly) then I was asked to get completely naked and get on the table/bed but did not completely and I was either told to get naked or was undressed by the doctor. Then I put my feet in the thing and I ended up trapped, before or after I was told to put my arms up and then that too was trapped. I was not really complaining because I either was given more orgasms (or just 1) or was waiting for more but then a Crocodile was put there really close to me, the animal could not move too and was close to me but could not reach me. I think it went on at least a while but cannot remember it, just like I cannot remember if it really started like that and if other things or something else happened.