I remember three dreams.

Our house was different and for sale. We finally had one visitor and he looked familiar, he was super interested. But when that happens I was in bed and I woke up and I did not want to go to the bathroom when I got up because people were around so I finally after a while said that I wanted to go to the bathroom but I did not want anyone around, before that it took me a while to get up because I was scared that when I would get dressed someone would open the door. They decided at the end to not accept the offer because they said it was not enough but it was more than they had paid and put into it so I lost it and screamed at them, he was sitting in a hole big enough for a dishwasher and she was standing near. That is all I remember.

All I remember is that the actor who was the fat one in Superbad and Jessica Alba were in it but they were other people, they ended up having sex and she did not look like she wanted to so he focused on her, the end was like a camera that focused on the start of her genitals (only the start of it was exposed and he was taking his time there which she liked but she still did not want to).

Now that could be in the first, I remember another place but the first dream it changed so that could be it. I remember getting up and getting dressed and I okay now I know it is different because I was scared of getting dressed because the curtains were not down.