I remember one dream.

I was held captive by the English royal family in a basement. The start though I was in a house and there was someone hidden in the walls and he would get out only to kill people and he would make really weird noises and sounds, sometimes he would say things. I knew something was wrong and maybe knew what it was exactly but I was acting normally. When in the basement just like in the house sometimes I looked like someone else. Also in the basement it was not completely locked in, at the least the windows were not boarded and I was not kept in chains. Sometimes they would get me (not everyone in the family knew i was held like that), make me wash myself and put on beautiful clothes then go on one of their things in public. When in the basement one time after one of those things where I looked miserable but only Harry seemed to realise and asked me what was wrong I was looking out the window sitting on a table next to it. Then I realised that I could do something when I saw someone see me (at that point it was like i was the person seeing me - saw that from outside with the persons eyes). One of the previous thing they had me do was to go to a Formula One race which killed me since Shumi was not driving anymore plus I still did not know how he was and I had never seen him drive in person. The next event was another race and it was at that race that I completely defended myself (maybe started before trying to make them understand what that meant and was doing to me). I started by screaming (everything about Shumi) then I started hitting Kate which was the main (perhaps only) person holding me captive. Nobody stopped me from hitting her so I kept going while screaming things at her. I also screamed what she had done to me.