I remember one dream.

I do not remember much (+ it looked like a movie). A man who was in jail ended up back there with a man in a jail costume who was in jail but somehow managed to leave the other prisoners without problems and there was at least one other person there too. He was super nostalgic mostly because of a woman he loved then. Every cell had a painting and they were all taken when the jail moved but when he arrived at his old cell the painting was still there and he said they left it there or something like that over and over and louder and louder. He took it (do not know how since it was behind bars in the cell which he barely was able to touch while thinking of his love and other memories) then with the help of at least the prisoner found a way to sneak into the new jail (by going on a boat or a huge truck that had like huge bottles - he actually had taken some things off and did not really put it back but none of the many guards saw anything). He walked in and then after a long walk screamed for the prison boss at the end of stairs and I do not remember if he went there or not but he got beaten and he let that man do it, at the end he said he had something and the boss was scared and he showed something that was a proof of a crime he did back then. Guards with guns that were drawn on him was there from the screams, now I remember him going up the stairs slowly while talking or and screaming.