I remember one dream.

Dad came back from getting mom somewhere, I do not remember if he stayed there at least one night or not (i was annoyed like in real life so my guess is that like in real life he came back the same day). That happened in a different house. He was doing his things and I my things, at least hours after arriving if not the next day I saw a note on my side of the kitchen table or somewhere else, he had written that mom did not want me to wash my bedding like I always do on Sundays and the reasons were I think written by her (saw her say it when i read it) but I think I did not finish that note and aloud I said no I always have washed my bedding once a week and it is always on Sundays. Dad was annoyed or and angry or and shocked by that but he did not say anything and did not do anything. I did it and did the cleaning too.