Another dream came back to me a few seconds ago.

I found a man living in a cave very hungry. He was an actor very famous (cannot remember). I told him after we had a talk and he was trying to convince me he was okay that I will go get him a lunch in a restaurant, I asked him what he wanted, his first choice it was too far so I asked him what about McDonald's since it is close by and he smiled and said yes. I went there by foot and for some reason I had a baby with me but at first it was Gagou or another doll. The more I touched, talked and moved the doll the more it was a real baby. A lot of people were around and a lot were in the restaurant. They were giving a menu made of paper to everyone, I did not know it was the menu so I was folding it to take it with me but a woman working there took it back, that is when I realised their menu was broken. I was standing there but nobody talked or looked at me so I figured that it was not my turn to order (i took that time to think about what to get the man and myself but then i was getting fed up to wait) I entered with a friend and she went outside because she had gotten her food. Finally I was looked at annoyed and said oh I can order and they laughed at me and I told them that nobody had given me any sign I could order (many people were waiting after me - that place did not really look like a McDonald's - and also by that time i was worried about the time since the man was very hungry) and they again were annoyed and laughed and I replied that I had manners and always waited my turn. If something else happened I do not remember it.