I remember one dream.

I was walking in Los Angeles and saw a group of paparazzis waiting outside a restaurant so I checked inside and when I spotted the celebrity (Vanessa Hudgens) I made sure to stand in the way of these parasites so they would get zero good shots, they were screaming at me and I stayed there. She saw me do that and smiled at me so I either asked by talking or and moving if she wanted me to keep blocking her and she said yes and I did it until she entered her car, the paparazzis were more than furious by now and I was extremely happy and proud of myself. She asked me to enter her car (some explained happiness when she entered because they could get shots) and I did, she thanked me again and after a little chat (just remembered before i kept repeating words like parasites & maggots but never talking to them directly so they wont win but looking at them innocently sometimes - 1 looked like Arnold - a very old 1 with lost hair and i think it was him for real) she asked me where I was staying and I told her and she said she knew where it was and she drove me there.