I remember two dreams.

If I was in it I was a man and a soldier. The mission was to be dropped from a plane. After the soldiers has started to drop one got up and went near the opened door and said to jump like they had learned (if i was there i think this was me) because otherwise someone could end up in the engine and then the mission and everybody else would be in jeopardy. I think this was it but I am not sure.

That one I remember not a lot, I mostly remember the end which was me (or someone else - again i did not see anyone that looked like me) playing games but not having a lot of time and seeing other games that looked fun but not trying them and being scared to never find these games again. I remember a place with roads that looked like the grand canyon and I think before that there was a cave. I also remember something important needed to be done which is why or mostly or partly why there were barely any time to play. I do not something happened before the playing, maybe it was about the roads or and cave or and mission or whatever that needed to be done or maybe it was something or other things.