I remember three dreams.

It was a group of people vacationing by backpacking or something like that. They stopped at a cheap resort in what seemed the middle of a jungle. Either they had not a lot of money or that place had not a lot of room but they at least were two per rooms. In one where two men were sharing the same bed one of them decided for some reason that the old disgusting clock above their bed he hated and he wanted to get rid of it, the other said if I were you I would not touch it or something along those lines but he did he pushed it and when it fell on the floor or before that it exploded and many small spiders came out. The two men got up to leave but by then the room was filled with these baby spiders but also many more types of insects including other spiders. They were jumping around trying their best to avoid these things and to get out, there were also webs to get around or through. The man who destroyed that clock ended up being bitten by a tarantula and then he kept getting bit by other tarentulas and other insects. The other man was untouched as far as bites goes. By that part it get of rewinded and fast forwarded with the man being bit being the main focus.

I decided that it had been too long since I had heard from a friend made over the internet. I went on the internet and found a website that had every Americans so I entered her name (i was outside where many people were - at least 1 was with me talking to me when i was trying to find my friend - i stopped the search to listen at 1 point) there were a lot of pages for her entire name then after a few pages I realised they had given me everybody with her name and everybody with only the first and last name separated so I found something to click and only got her full name. After a while I found where she was and then found her. I said Lesley then after she said yes or something I said it is Nancy and after a while she got who I was and we hugged. I do not remember much from that end except I think someone went with me and when I was hugging her I was starting to think this was a bad idea.

I was with dad, we were running errands. At first I was not supposed to go with him I think. We arrived some place before coming back home, there were banks and stuff but instead of looking like a shopping mall it looked more like a huge tent and the ground looked more like wood bridges to not walk on a swamp or something. For some reason before reaching that exit I decided to switch my purse and wallet, he kept walking but I stopped and kept changing all this. He exited that place and I was not finished. A man was near and looked at me funny, I think I said something, either way he started ignoring me at one point. A part of my new wallet was broken but I still put cards in it and put it in the wallet (this is where i said something - just remembered that).