I remember two dreams.

I was sweating a lot and I had no idea why especially from my underarms because since I switched to DERMAdoctor it was not happening unless it was very hot, I was very stressed or working hard which none were happening. The second or third straight day wearing the same pajama it stunk, that day I ended up working with mom in my bedroom or somewhere else in the house and I was making sure she could not smell it but towards the end we had to work close and her face ended up close to my underarms and I could not move away because I had something in my hands and her too.

We were in a place that looked mostly like Saint-Hubert but also like here. Dad was refusing to sell and he had started feeding the Birds in the yard. He was working cutting the grass furious at us both for wanting to move. When I saw the spot where he put food for the Birds I showed mom and when I saw him do it again I asked him so what do you think it will look big piles of (s word that is censored here) everywhere in our yard in the pictures when we will put the house for sale (i think i added something before during or after about us having to sell or losing that house) and his response was to put more food. I think other things or something else happened but I cannot recall it if that's the case.