I remember one dream.

I was spending months or a year or more in a cabin far away from people and in that dream I had a husband or boyfriend and we had one kid. Sometimes we would or one of us go to the nearest city. I think we did have a car or other means of transportation but when I did I called a taxi. I told him I would not be long and he told me he would see me so take me back. I went to get toothpaste at the drugstore, someone asked if it was a gift and I said no and I was looked at weird and realised it was asked to someone else. There was two cash registers and I picked the one with nobody working there but I figured she would come there or someone else would come but that did not happened, I was first and an old man was behind (could of been the taxi driver). I was given a sign to come to the other register I made a sign and was told yes by sign and went there, for some reason either there or somewhere else I ended up buying a green sweatshirt saying in French merry christmas and while the seller was folding it I figured I would just buy chocolate for the other who by then was dad and for the shirt was for mom. Then I had the grocery store to get to and the shirt was in my hands and so was the other item and there were no bags, I remember signaling someone and the shirt unfolded, I think it ended soon after or there.