Thanks Lori for being so comprehensive...

I suppose I need to clarify a few things which may slightly alter your well written feedback.

First, by "dozens of different fashions", I intended to relate that the context and feeling of each dream was different. In some, including the first one, with the boat docked, I felt as though I were searching for someone or something. In that dream, I was on the boat while it was docked, but on shore while it was moving.

Second, all of the boats are akin to small cruise ships, several floors with many rooms and spaces. In one dream, I was at a ball, dancing after a classy buffet with lovely food. The setting of that one was gorgeous, but actually, that one felt the darkest.

Third, in the dream I had last night, the boat I was steering was on land, moving on iced over grass, yet it acted as though it were in water. There were only two other people on the ship with me, but it didn't feel lonely, rather like I had a lot of space.

These dreams have been happening over the past several months, definitely less than 5 months so far. In the mornings I recall details, and ponder/feel through them, but so far the only theme I can see is the boat itself. I think I'm averaging one or two memorable boat dreams a week so I feel as though there's a point I'm not getting.

Veda King Blanchard
Essential Oils