I remember two dreams.

A woman rapper that was with other men rappers had raped a woman on a car and it was filmed and despite that and also despite that it was clear the victim had not asked for it in any way the rapist was not arrested and nobody was judging her for it except me who thought it was sickening.

Mom was very sick and dad did not care because he thought she would live forever. We were all in the Saint-Hubert house and some of those rooms looked different. She died and I decided to stay with him until I had a university degree and I was accepted right away in one. Plus I was putting money aside for when I would leave and have my own place. Before she died they had a fight about her illness (unless thats just their morning fight i heard when i was awake then [and many other times too]). Before leaving for the first day (probably another day) I was doing laundry and when I got the clothe's whatever out (in the thing that we have to take out then take those things that are from whatever is in the dryer) I used a tissue and I laughed saying that if mom is seeing that she will be [censored] because I ever did that and she complained that I was getting some everywhere on the floor. I was thinking of getting my own car and had some in mind but decided against that so dad drove me to my first day. I had a backpack full and a plastic bag too. Students were looking at me funny and in the first class one said look at her with all these books and I said well we need books for the classes and these books are today's books for me. That shut him up and made the others stop laughing at me. The teacher said I was right and then the class started.