I remember one dream.

The start I only remember that I was there then mom also and it was about something else. Then I was on my computer (it did not looked at all like where i live) and decided to look around SanrioTown and found a few places that I had not seen before and then I decided that I wanted to participate so I kept looking until I found something interesting then after a few tries I was able to think of an interesting comment which I wrote then submitted. After a while it was a man and a woman both young and in love and at one point the woman went in another country to go to school, it was sad for both but they both did it since it was the best. He stayed with his dad to help him because his place was falling apart. She integrated quickly in the new place and soon moved with a man, her boyfriend was not jealous at all but he knew that he would lose her soon or one day. He picked a big room where his dad lived and now him (unless he lived there from the start - also the woman i could see her outside a big building with people very happy and i was sure she was about to cheat) and he started making art pieces which he sold. Soon he became famous and at the end people were asking him to travel to places and to say whether these places needed to be condemned or it could be livable.