I remember four dreams (maybe 2 or all of the last 3 were together).

All I remember is that it had to do with one or some or most of all of my teeth, I just remembered that I was also at least at one point at a dentist and that before leaving I realised there was a problem which was not there during the cleaning.

I do not remember exactly where I was and what I was doing but I ended up talking with people I did not know, they were nice but kind of boring so I looked around often unless I looked around because I had to go somewhere and was too shy or and whatever to say it.

I went in a store and I had the impression I had to leave but did not, something or someone started to kill people after it became all dark. Instead of trying to leave I hid, others hid too but they were found.

At least six people were in the same bed that was a loft or a bunk bed but that bed was huge so everyone was comfortable. The couple from Everybody Loves Raymond was there and also Robert, the woman was awake and at least her husband too, she kept repeating of course they are coming too, the two or and their kids were supposed to have a vacation or visit someone and the parents of Raymond had learned the day before and said they were coming too, she had spent the entire night awake and saying that over and over. The parents arrived and she kept saying that, I remember them going in a van and perhaps there was another. I know something else happened after getting up or more but I do not remember.