I remember two dreams.

I only remember that a few people had to put something at the end of something long to stop something. One of the people either did not have it or did not want to do it or something else happened that he did not but what was supposed to happen did not so everything was still fine. I think it was a group of rocks or just a long rock the thing where at the tip something needed to be put, or at least it looked like it.

I wanted a pool so I was looking at all kinds and the prices, one was 4000$ and was not even or was a quarter the size or a normal pool which I found stupid. I wanted one that I would heat all year so no need to change the water each years so no waste of water. Then I decided to get one for an animal or animals. By the end I do not know if it was me or someone else but me or that person explained to others that a big Goldfish that was not a Koi had spent years in a bowl that was less than his length so that person or I had adopted him or her. The poor Goldfish that was big was put in a big bowl to start and slowly started to move then slowly started to swim. When back to normal or close to it the Goldfish would be put in a big pool or tank that had lots of decorations including real plants and rocks.