I remember four dreams.

All I remember is that family members were there and the atmosphere was not positive.

I was in the bathroom (not this house or any other house ive lived in - that bathroom was in a basement) and just when I was finishing dad entered and he went straight to the sink and was looking up. I was angry and embarrassed but was acting like everything was fine and I was not finished.

I was supposed to go run errands with my parents. We were living in a house that looked like the Saint-Hubert house but outside it looked like here, both with differences. I was in my bedroom searching for what to wear, I was thinking of that day plus upcoming days, did not want to wear the same things. I finally decided (most if not all of those clothes were from those i had then lost in the fire) but then when I saw dad freaking out and looked out and saw strong winds with high snow piles plus ice everywhere I decided to go change but again I could not decide.

I was in a dance audition (for a tv show i think). There was a big group and we all had to quickly learn a dance then do it at the same time then some of us were eliminated. When it was my turn to be eliminated I was furious because I did not deserved it plus a woman with big breasts went through and she sucked. I screamed that it was not fair and went to her then mocked her with her huge breasts and said it was all because of that she was able to continue. She was laughing but the people picking the ones who continued were not, they knew I was right. Gordon Ramsay was in the group and he tried to calm me then him and a few walked out due to this unfairness.