I remember two dreams.

I received a letter from an old friend who in real life and in the dream I had not heard from in years except an email here and there (perhaps in the dreams did not even get that from her). My house in this was bigger. It was written on papers used to do stuff in school (construction or and drawing) and it was a dark color. She had written badly almost and it did not make sense sometimes because she skipped subjects plus it was like a book and the words sometimes ended up where the two pages were so I had to stretch. She was suicidal and she was asking for my help and she wanted it by me calling her. I went to mom to make sure long distance calls were still free with our phone and she said yes in our province or yes locally and I did not click that Ottawa that is too far, I told her I had to call Brigitte and that would take time and told her why, I went to get snacks then picked a room where none of my parents would be able to listen and called her, I warned her that she would eat me eat and she was okay with it.

I was trying to find a place for me and my parents, find one where the top of the garage was an apartment, it was not finished but what needed to be done I had enough money for it. I also made sure that the house was in budget because I did not want them to have to sell because they could not afford it because I would lose everything.