I remember two dreams.

I was in a place where forms had to be filled or and other things provided. It was my turn the first time and I had my purse in one hand and had trouble getting everything, I was trying to do it as fast as possible. When I was waiting (the same day or another day) I suddenly thought that I should just leave my purse on me and like that I would not have any issues but when it was my turn I did the same thing. I do not know if it was in my head or not as bad as it was but I had the feeling everybody was looking at me.

I went out a building and paparazzis were waiting for me, many fans were there and I had a car waiting for me. I was warning everyone to not get in my way and when I got to my car a woman was sitting next to the driver and I said aloud wow so 3000$ for just a little period of time and you do this, I turned around to go back to the apartment I was in and people followed me and when I got to the elevator only fans were there, I said nothing until the elevator was close and I said that nobody would come in it with me. They did not but made sure to see which floor I was in and a few had took the stairs and gone in every floors and were told where I was. The door was opened of where I was and a kid came out and another kid was inside and a man dressed as a Hockey player was there (even with the skates) I talked to them at first saying I am back then telling what had happened. Finally the man I had visited Leonardo DiCaprio appeared and I told him and he stopped me from doing a call to get someone to drive me home and he told me that I could just stay there the night. I thought about me not having my beauty products there and I just used some of his to do my night routine (i think he told me before i talked to him about that). He told me to sleep on his bed with him and we soon had sex. The next thing I remember happening (i think nothing else was in between) is that I was in the middle of nowhere in an abandoned building or house and I had kidnapped a paparazzi and he was tied down completely lying and I was going to torture him. I told him some rules like when he would be given food and water he would have a certain amount of time to finish and if he did not he would not get any more so his torture would be worst until his death. The only negative was the spiders but I was so happy about what I was doing I was coping very well with them. By the end the paparazzi for some reason had turned into Justin Bieber but it was still the same man. I was so excited when I started or when I layed the rules out and told him other things that I started masturbating right there.