I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that a woman and her kid was in a train and the job of the woman was to taste things that were either expired or and to taste to see if it was, her daughter found jelly beans and asked her is that moldy mom (or something like that) and she tasted it and it was but she continued until she had swallowed it.

I asked dad if the Penguins had won their first game against the Capitals and he said no which [censored] me off since I hate Overschin (sp - normally i check the spelling of names but him i dont care) and he told me that Crosby was injured and I said will he play the next game and he said I don't think so he was having convulsions and I freaked out saying I bet that the psycho hit him (unless that was told to me earlier or i guessed it earlier) I asked I bet he is not punished and he said no implying that he should not be. I think that was it but I'm not sure.