I remember one dream.

I am used to weird dreams but that one was something else plus I do not remember much. At one point it had to do with dad and his deceased brother who I think was still dead there then he was acting more than idiotic and decided to lay near a door and sleep there until something, when he was doing this and before I looked at mom and she motioned or said very low to let him do it. Then I realised I would be alone for a while. Then I got a call from my old dentist and he had a place for me that afternoon and I accepted it because it was important but then I felt bad because I would lose alone time. Then I wondered how I would go there since I was far (nearer in that dream to Montreal than in real life but farther than when i lived there). Then when I was about to leave (at that point that room was exactly like in the Saint-Hubert house) when about to open the door I jumped and screamed because a friend of my brother was coming in, I asked him what he was doing while he was turning back (he was angry or and annoyed when he saw me) and he said that my brother let him do that every day. This is all I remember.

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