I remember three dreams.

I was looking out the window (this house was bigger and very different plus so was the outside) at the waves that were big, so big that sometimes it would it the windows near where I was eventhough the house was far away from the water. Dad was outside and that made me jealous, after was seemed a long time I went out too, my boots kept changing from not being boots to being rain boots to snow boots and the ground too sometimes it was snow and then it was not, I also was in water sometimes (me being in it by choice and sometimes it was by the waves going where i was). I could not see dad anymore. Then I decided to walk and I ended up in a small store that I was wondering how the people who had it could still keep it opened and survive with it. I was walking through it to go back outside, I was smiling and being polite even looking at the rare things that were scattered all over the place, I did find a few cute things but did not stop anywhere because I wanted to go out. It became a shopping mall and soon after me and then other people had a gang of Japanese on us, the boss had sent them after us for a reason that we knew but me I have no idea. We were at least four in a car trying to get away, one of the assassins appeared in the car with an axe and we were able to kill him and get rid of his body then we came back to make sure he would not be seen for at least a while. We knew that car was known but we kept it and were trying to get away as fast as possible but also driving carefully to not have an accident or cause one and to not be arrested.

I ended up in a small poor town where a man kept a restaurant opened for these people, the food was good and also of a good quality and very cheep for them but none of them went there and if they did it was very rare. I thought they were mean doing that for a man (he was not working there a woman was there by herself) who kept losing money for them and their town. I went there and got something to eat.

I was just up and some things kept happening so I figured I would go along with it and then the extra thing I wanted to do on the internet before breakfast I would just do the next day, all that wasted time upstairs would be the extra thing. A man was there too and he looked or was Jerry Seinfeld.