I remember one dream.

I was shopping with my parents at a place we've never been before. It was really big with lots of stores not being in the shopping mall. We ended up in a place with lots of rebates and when we bought things with additional rebates. I turned around to get something I had seen and went to the cashier who was a man. We started talking about these rebates and he told me he could give me rebates on even things that were not in the stores, I ended up asking him after getting what would cost what what the rebates would be to spend one year in Dallas with season tickets of the Stars and he told me I then asked shocked if that included a place to live and everything else and he said yes. I then asked well what about if I would take a private jet instead of going there by train and that too I could afford. I took it but for the second upcoming season, it turned out I got it for the upcoming season which did not made me happy (it was very cheap - at least half of what it would cost if not less), I cannot remember the reason why I did not want to go there that season.