I remember one dream.

I do not recall if I was selling or buying or both a house and if I was alone or with my parents. At one point I was in at least one abandoned house and a dad with two kids and a Dog were visiting and I was talking like I wanted to sell it but I think a real estate agent was there too. We were in the basement and the Dog who was a German Shepherd came close to me so I called him and he came but he seemed a little aggressive so I stopped myself from petting him. The man was looking everywhere and the boy was in the middle of the room and the girl closest to me. The Dog saw the girl go under a table and he freaked out, by that time the boy and man I think were either going upstairs or upstairs. I calmed the Dog and got the little girl, I put her down to make her walk a little and the Dog was calmed and let me pet him. I took her in my arms to get upstairs. I remember a little bit more talking to at least the dad then I was talking with a woman who asked me about offices for sale then after we talked about it and looked at pictures from papers or magazines she asked about cheaper ones (less than 500$ asking prices) and I said they existed and all that had to be done was renovations. I think it ended there or a little after.