I remember two dreams.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house and my parents were too. I had decided for a while to just wash my face but not to put on eye and face cream, I decided to test it out first one morning to see how it would feel like, I went with a facial wet towelette but for some reason I at the right also used it around my eye and it scared me because of my eye "phobia" and also it bothered me because this is not how I wash my face, I continued trying to ignore this and did not do the same on the left. Dad was about to run errands and there were a bunch of things I needed that was added to the list, mom said it aloud and he said to all those things that he knew it (all drugstore things) but before he left I said oh and back sponge then I said okay I will go too and I hurried upstairs to get dressed. I wanted a certain pair of jeans and shirt, could finally see the shirt (saw 2 that i loved and were new tangled together and untangled them) but it took a while to find the jeans (maybe i had to put on a different) and before going I checked my face, there were a lot of dry skin and I tried with some fingers to get it off my face. What I had done with the wet towelette started to bother me again.

All I remember is that Celine Dion was in it and at the start or at some part someone or I after seeing a picture asked is that Celine Dion.