I remember two dreams.

I was with three people, two men and one women. Two were a couple and the other man was with me. We were on a vacation driving, the couple was married or getting married and the other man was with me. We stopped to look at a view, it was almost like a canyon, it went down and had rocks all over and some water at the bottom with rocks there too. All of us except one (the man with me or the other man) decided to leave the car and walked through there to go where we were going which was a city we could see from here, the man who did not want to said it was too dangerous and me and the woman said no and things like come on (if the other man said things too i do not recall). So we went down and walk there without any accidents, we left the car were it was parked and most of our things there. Except for what was in our pockets the only things were me who had in my arms Gagou and Coin Coin. We ended up in the hotel we were supposed to stay and we were all proud of the way we got there, people were looking at me funny but I did not care (i think at 1 point i said something). It soon finished or I woke up.

All I remember is that one thing could not be splashed with water, it was on the side of a big wheel truck (the right - could of been somewhere else before - maybe the dream started there) and I had to at the end (or the start) drive it along a small road on a mountain of rocks and sand, at the end I could see water (the side of the mountain was at the left of the truck) that was frozen and I exclaimed how will I do that, someone said something and I think it was mom. I drove, the ice became water at least a little and splashed but the thing was okay. I think something else happened after but I am not sure.