I remember two dreams.

I was with dad and he went to an apartment building to give money to the owner for someone who I think was my brother who lived there with someone else, they had left thinking they would have a place to stay but it did not end up like that so he sent dad with money to ask for the apartment back or another for a little while. I stayed in the car and when dad came back I asked if it worked and he said no. That building was almost disgusting and they had very small apartments who had toilets that you could only use a certain times and showers too to a little small like a one and a half to one room bigger to one room bigger to at least a four and a half. I was imagining myself with a roommate in each of those, how the apartments would be organised so that we both would have our own stuff.

I ended up in a huge house that belonged to a family who were rich. It had been abandoned but some of the rooms were being kept tidy or they had just started doing that. Mom or someone else was with me too. We had been invited with a select few to visit. We also had been asked to dress well but for a certain period of time to match the last time this house was alive. We were supposed to stay in one room but I looked through an opened door and I was mesmerized by what I was seeing and kept saying wow, finally mom or the other person looked, it was almost nothing but I could imagine how it used to be and what remained was fascinating to me. I started walking around the house. Either before or after that I saw from outside a man who was delivering something and I ended up talking with him explaining what was going on. I also looked out a window to the porch and there were many webs there and I started being scared, that time other people were around. The end I went where I was supposed to sleep and I saw a huge web with one string of it going one way on the floor or the furniture next to the chair and the rest went on the ceiling to the chair, I freaked out saying how will I get my stuff and I was looking everywhere for the spider who did that, someone was going to destroy the web but I screamed no the huge spider who did that will be angry. Before that the dress I had on changed once.