I remember one dream.

I think this is all of it. I was near water and ice. I was hearing someone talk about people who tortured black people. One was particularly gruesome because he had crescent dough baked on all his body except the head then thrown in the water where a Killer Whale had slowly eaten him, the narrator said that his screams of agony were so awful and loud that even the people doing this and enjoying this felt bad. Then I saw the Killer Whale and was excited. I walked to follow him or her then he or she disappeared on the other side of an iceberg that seemed to be melting. I started to climb it. Dad was there I think almost all along and he either told me to stop or be careful and I think I ignored him. I was being careful but then I saw a big spider web but on the side (could also see wood of some kind of that side by then) but I kept climbing also then I could hear a narrator again and see Michael Douglas and his wife and the story was I think about the dad of Michael, I think I even heard them or one of them talking (perhaps too the narrator talked about the iceberg). Then when almost on top pieces started to fall so I hid or and started to run down, the scariest for me was spiders, ended up on time on the ground and in a safe place but I started to scream and panic because the big web I saw fall right on or next to me and there were also more spiders or and webs. I think this ended there.