I remember one dream.

A man had traveled far for visiting a woman he met online. She was poor living in an almost abandoned building. She had two daughters too. He was a pedophile and a rapist which is why he picked her. They were alone and then suddenly it was silence and they looked at each others and she said that she was not ready (or something like that - she told him she did not want to have sex at least that night) he said he understood and went upstairs where he finger raped the oldest daughter (teenager or almost - the other was younger or maybe im mistaken) who had gone out of the shower and was walking to her bedroom with only wearing a towel on her body and one on her head, he grabbed her from behind and was holding her mouth while doing it, she was screaming pretty loud but nobody heard her. All I remember after is him leaving that apartment to go after someone else (could still hear the screams of the girl) but this is all I remember.