I remember two dreams.

I went to what seemed a university and went to the kitchen, there were many people all over. When I arrived where a friend was working and has asked me to go there were many people there too and a big man stopped me right in front of the kitchen door and said no with his head, I stayed there a while trying to see if I could spot her then I told him her name and told him that I was a friend and she was waiting for me and he almost laughed while ignoring me. I showed him a pass and he looked at it without checking it out. Finally I went somewhere else and found someone in charge (i think the highest man in charge) and he came back with me and he let that man have it. I then met with her and it took a turn, other women started talking with me and they needed my zip code after I told them I was moving and I could not remember it, it became a huge thing that was important and they thought I was strange and they tried to get it by searching and asking me questions. I remembered the last three digits then I said well it should help since you got the city which in the dream was Rimouski. After another while of that I either remembered it all or found the rest then they needed the address which I could not remember too and they became more suspicious. It ended with me and I think at least one more person arriving at the apartment, it was like I was still living there but it looked different despite me living it that way, it looked like others either changed it or and looked around. Plus my computer was on which I closed before leaving which was a few days prior. I then realised someone else was in another room who I did not know. I think it ended there or soon after.

I was in Saint-Hubert where I lived and walking the long street (boulevard) to go get the bus but I was not living there. A man was waiting in a stop where rarely people were taking the bus when I lived there, he had on a jersey of the Miami Panthers and I was thinking it would get ruined in the snow. Then I thought hey I have one too what I remember mostly of the walk it was like I was in the bus already. Then I paid at least two different way and everytime it was like it was starting again. I then proudly went to my seat making sure people saw that I had an Eric Lindros jersey on. I stood then sat on I think at least two different seat all the while proud to [censored] off people with the jersey.