I remember one dream.

I went back to the hospital again because of the infection I have in real life but in the dream the inflammation was gone but I still had discharge. I arrive there when it opened (it opened earlier in the dream) and I was the first to arrive, after a quite long talk with the nurse who had an attitude she told me that it would take a long time and I said I was used to it. When I came out the triage room it looked different and a few people were waiting. The waiting room was large and had desks along with desk chairs, the hallway had less chairs that were all over the place, at least one person was seating there and the other chairs were dirty so I went to put my backpack on the desk like it was my plan all along then looked in it like I was making sure everything was there then went to wait standing up where the entrance door is and where I put my back was made of wood like it was a desk but it was part of a wall.