I remember two dreams (the first may of been the start of the second - not too sure - i have no idea how i had 1 dream let alone 2 dreams with the little i slept).

I was in a restaurant but I did not want anything. I was standing where people ordered. A man asked me what I wanted and I ignored him. At one point they were getting something for me but I never ordered anything. It was a restaurant that I hated but what they were preparing actually looked okay and even better but again I did not want anything. I was waiting for someone or looked like I was waiting for someone.

I was running errands with my dad and brother (like usual my brother did not say a word). While in the grocery store or after we were done there I said that I wanted my own car. Dad was not too sure about it but we all ended up in a big name car store and I asked about electric cars and to my surprise these new cars were cheap. I asked a lot of questions about these cars and sat on it and even tried one and I was sure I would end up buying one. I told the seller that I would soon probably be back. Dad told me a car was a lot of money and I said that I knew it and that the reason why I was taking that extra time was to calculate everything to be sure I could afford the costs each months of everything. Just for fun I decided to go check other brands of new cars. I then saw an old abandoned car for sale (or not for sale if for sale very cheap) and I soon decided to get that one after I asked what it needed to be drivable again and after hearing the prices I realised it would be cheaper than a new car and it would work like one. Dad thought I was crazy but I did not care I was happy about soon having my first car. I got all the parts needed and brought it all in what looked like a bag from a restaurant. The mechanic told me how much time it would take and I said okay (a few days i think), I took that time to get the appointments to have it painted then the interior cleaned and maybe changed at least a little before I would drive it. My brother was almost always if not always near me.