I remember four dreams.

All I remember is that there were a countdown.

All I remember is that I was cleaning.

I was coming back (to the Saint-Hubert house) with dad and my brother who in that dream was young and like usual he did not say a word. I had Gagou with me and at first he had a pajama on but then he was naked. A man was outside near the fence where the entrance of asphalt is and at first I did not mind him seeing me with a cabbage patch doll but when Gagou was naked I was a little ashamed but it did not show (heard dad laughing during that part). For some reason dad park on the other side of the fence plus it looked like we were going the other way to go in the house. I have no idea what that man was doing there but he had a purpose.

I had bought a set of purses that came with pouches (or just 1) and a wallet and a keychain, at first I did not know which one to get and then I ended up with one from Avon that was free. Before it arrived I thought it was stupid, that it would be ugly but I was surprised how good it looked when it arrived. It smelt bad when I opened the bag so I let it all air out. I think mom or and dad or and someone else or and other people complained about the smell.