I remember one dream.

Me (unless i was not there - did not look like myself if i was) and two other people were stuck in a old abandoned factory. At one point one fell down (could of been me) but she was not hurt and she was able to grab something to not crash on the floor. One person screamed that she or he could see the floor and it was near her, she took off a shoe (she or i was dressed like a business woman and with high heel shoes) and dropped it and it was true so she jumped on the floor. Before that they were running from something or someone or just scared. That woman or I was especially scared to be alone down there. She or I saw a window (maybe other things like at the beginning happened that i do not remember - maybe not for 1 or both) and screamed about it and the others or one of the others went there, the woman stuck broke the glass and at least one (her i think) made sure to remove the most glass possible and she was able or I was able to break free. Then or a little after slowly and then more loudly a New Kids On The Block old song that was remixed started to play and by the end one of the people rewinded the end (i love the end too - found it again a few days ago and i did play that end a few times since then).