I remember two dreams.

Maybe at the start it was me or it was me all along or not me at all. Someone and his job (sometimes i do not look like myself) was to clean bathrooms in a school. He always waited until school day was over, he went in and cleaned it and when he got Pine Sol he slowly started to sing a song about it then soon after before finishing he acted like he was in a commercial for it. A small group of kids were still there and before leaving one had to go to the bathroom, when he saw how spotless it was (it was shining it was that clean - before it was so dirty it was almost disgusting) he almost tip toed to the toilet and he was very careful, the man who cleaned it may of been there when he saw the kid come in and may of cringed. I am not sure but I think the kid did not made any mess.

I was doing my nightly visit to get all the new Tucker Carlson videos on YouTube and I ended up in the comments for one and I saw people were writing comments to encourage him and then I saw it was because he was depressed, so thought those people. I felt bad especially since I was more than one month away from the day but I kept watching until caught up instead of starting to watch on television.