I remember five dreams.

I was on this website and when I was going to write another post on a different thread than all the others it looked different, at first I thought I had been banned but then I thought it was impossible since I had just written a few posts then I thought I had been logged off but looking at where we write posts I saw that it had changed which I found super weird since before then everything looked the same as usual.

Vladimir Putin was visiting for some reason the province of Quebec. He went everywhere he was invited and participated even in some things. He even smiled at least once. At one place someone did a prank on him or said or and did something silly, everyone watched via television including me and everyone there thought he would be killed but Vladimir Putin actually thought it was funny. His visit continued until it was time to go back to Russia.

All I remember is that I was either back in school or and the people who bullied me back then or at least some were there, either way I was either bullied or comfronted by bullying and yes at least one of my bullies was there.

A young boy was being abused by his parents but not his sister (i think he had more siblings but only saw a black sister towards the end - the boy was white i do not recall for the parents). The start was in the house then the end was him and his sister playing outside, they were sitting on the snow making things but they were not sitting next to each others. At one point he got up (before that i had the impression of deja vu - that i already had that dream - i even thought about if i had been here to write it and i could not remember) and the sister told him that he was not supposed to move and he did anyway, he went where water was to get something (branches of something that was either in the water or next to it) and he fell in. His sister told on him and the parents got outside and yelled at him. He asked them can I use this and he showed an old razor to cut some of my sister's hair and they said no and he asked why did you do this to me and not her and they said that they loved her and not him, she was sitting in the snow playing and she smiled when they said that.

I was back in the hospital, the infection was still there and I had hurt my right ankle. When it was my time for triage the nurse of the first and last time was there and she rolled her eyes when she saw me, I said me again, I am hurt plus the infection is still there. She looked at my ankle and she did not really believed me because I did not say ouch everytime she touched but she finally believed me and became nice. She put some ice on it that was attached (something see through with the ice inside). I waited and I realised that it was getting worst so I went to where the secretaries are but she was busy with someone so I walked passed and saw a woman standing there and I told her that it was getting worst and she became angry with me saying she did not care and I started to stutter saying that we were supposed to say if things got worst and she said that she did not work for the hospital and stuttering again I said that I did not know (i pointed to the posters saying these things when i spoke before that) and I went to the triage room that was supposed to be empty but she was there, I told her and showed it. I said that I was tired of this, I always no matter when and where was treated like nothing or just insulted or abused in another way, that it would never change. I said that I would leave and she tried to stop me but I walked out. I had a big bottle of pills (cannot recall how it got there) that were like tylenols but stronger and said that I could eat it all and hopefully die. Dad was standing there and everyone seemed concerned but nobody stopped me.