I remember two dreams.

A man had ordered a puppy and he or she came with the mail, the postman delivered the box directly in the house and put it under the kitchen table (there were other things from the mail but i do not know if that was delivered then too - do not recall seeing the mailman), the box that had the puppy was small and shaped as a triangle and had lots of ducktape where the opening was. The man walked by with his Dog who I think was an adult Golden Retriever. I also remember when seeing the box being very concerned with the puppy, I even picked up the box (could only see my hands and arms) and looked at it all over and then put it back then looked at it. There were no movements and sounds coming from the box. I also wondered how ling the poor Dog was stuck in there.

I found an older video of Tucker Carlson and he was cute but looked totally different which was very strange because it was not that old. I looked carefully at it then the description then the comments and it was apparently really him. I also wondered if he had had plastic surgery at some point, I did not really believed it was him, even his voice was different.