I remember two dreams.

I only remember the end which was me and my parents eating at the kitchen table and I saw that the waves were big and soon later it became even bigger and mom was scared and suddenly a big wave destroyed our house and we ended up on top of a huge wave very high in the air. The table was still there and after screaming a few things (all of us i think) the wave became even bigger (we were hundreds of feet in the air). I knew we would eventually fall down so I said to hold hands and we did but at first they did not want to, mom because she was scared and she was not really listening and dad because he thought it was a wuss move and did not want to be embarrassed in case someone would see. The wave started to break so we fell, when we were about to go under water I woke up.

A singer who I do not remember his name eventhough he is a big star (he sang at the funeral of Princess Diana)and I am a fan was singing a duet while both singers were playing the piano (i think the other singer was George Michael). At first they were both talking while starting to sing then when the song part started my alarm clock woke me up.