I remember two dreams.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house but there was clothes everywhere. I was in one of the four bedrooms upstairs watching television. I had the impression of being looked or and someone or something was near. I think I looked around and I do not remember how that happened. I remember going back to the television (the chair only the tip did not have clothes on and i was sitting like that) and then I saw whatever it was in the bedroom next to where I was, it looked like a man, I was scared it could be a real man and I decided to go there and I screamed to go away, I was pointing too, I saw it and went there pointing there and screaming (screams and words) it had disappeared and then came back again looking like a man (menacing) and I made a movement with my right arm screaming and I woke up jumping a little and making the same movement with that arm.

I do not know if I had move on my own or had my own business or they would leave for a vacation or I would take the vacation but I was doing things that had to do with it then they told me they would run errands, it was late and I had lots of things to do but I said I would go because I needed things for that time. Before or then or after I told my brother who wanted to come but not wait to walk and we would just pick him up and he did that. I put on clothes that were either ugly together or and dirty or and wet but I did not care and instead of sunglasses I put on clear sunglasses because it would be dark soon. In the car we were a few minutes at least away from the house (different from now and then and before) and remembered my brother and told dad to turn back for him which he did but he was not happy about it, we did not see him so he took another street and I think we came back home and started again. I am not sure but I think we found him again and he may of talked and if he did it would be the first if I remember correctly that he talked in a dream of mine.