I remember two dreams.

I do not remember exactly how it started but it ended up with me and two men eating and one asked me if we should date and I said okay despite me not being attracted to him. I do not know if I asked him but in my head at least I told myself if you at least would get rid of your body hair. The end was me walking with another man that I found attractive, we were talking and having fun, for some reason I had Elmo and another of the four musketeers with me. At one point we stopped and were wondering where we would go, he was super shy and I loved that since I was too. I think one of us or both of us suggested his house that was not far. We ended up (maybe we were inside first) in the yard where he had a pool and I said oh you have a pool excited. It took me a while to find a place to put the two, finally found a place where water was not there then went to the pool where he was in with just his underwear that looked like a swimsuit. I started taking off my clothes and with my bra and pants on I went in the pool then took off my pants which left only bra and panties. He finally looked at me and soon we were next to each others and soon we were kissing. The end was me sitting on the steps and us kissing, we were almost making love and I think my bra was off, one of his parents arrived but we kept going.

Hitler was talked about like he had a greek god's body but also with the gossip he may also have a micro [censored]. He had not a body like that and his [censored] was small but not that small, he was thinking of many surgeries. He took off his shirt while alone and he had on something that he took off, he was trying it to see if getting a surgery which he would look like it he would like it. He then tried to think how to get these surgeries without anyone every knowing about it.