I remember two dreams.

I went to a shopping mall with the idea of giving my name everywhere they were asking for help. The first place was the first restaurant near the door I went in so I went there to give my name, I was looked at funny and explained that the job was from 8:30 to 14:30 and to make the dough which was to put things in a machine then wait then take it out then do it again. I said that I could do it and was given the job right there. That person was right it was hard work with lots of waiting but I did it right until I was told to hurry up and I said that it was not my fault that I was doing what I was supposed to do then I was told that I did not put oil in the two fryers but eventhough I was never told it was part of my job I shut up and said no no I did and then showed that there was enough but the boss said that one had less which meant the food was cooked not like it was supposed to. Then I was outside with my parents and dad was talking about wanting to see what was up the mountain (i have no idea where we were living - nowhere including the mall looked like something ive seen before) which was not the first time he talked about that so I rolled my eyes. Then he started to climb a big tree and I said to mom it was dangerous and she said no it's not. He yelled that someone had broken an important branch which stopped him from getting high enough to see and he climbed down saying that it sucked because he was right there and then he said that he should of worn gloves because the branches were like rose bushes. Then I thought of an idea to go up there and I did and they followed me. I arrived first and said that there was a pool and a bench then other benches then houses (at first i saw nothing but nature) they were surprised about the house. I left the tree to go there and at first I thought it was empty house eventhough it looked all new and well taken care of with electricity then I saw a car. We were walking looking but dad decided to enter a property so I told him to not do it and he said it was part of looking around like being a tourist, again mom did not care. I always had the feeling we should not be there so I was hurrying up and then when I thought we needed to get out I was almost running but to get out I opened the door or a big house and went inside to get out by the other door, while almost at that door people came in and I apologised immediately and they were all smiling saying it was okay and I said it was not plus I had walked on their floor with my dirty boots but they said it was okay and weirdly the floors were all clean. My parents came in and the dream stopped. Before it stopped at one point which I do not remember a four number digit was given and I said it was my regional phone number for Saint-Hubert but it was one extra number plus it was the year of my birth then it went to a three number but it was not totally it then it was.

I was in a drugstore with my parents (1 of those when living in Saint-Hubert but where it happened did not exist like that). We went to the freezers to get soft served ice cream and before paying the woman there said oh oh I think at one point you ended up with frozen yogurt and mom and I said it was impossible because we would of realised the difference. She took out previous (the paper with what we bought and how much it cost - cannot remember the name of it) and looked at it. Meanwhile I saw how the soft serve ice cream was made there, a man was in a freezer taking it while melted with a soup spoon then putting it in the machine that made it into ice cream. I thought he would be frozen in there especially since it looked like it took a long time but he looked to be okay.