I remember one dream.

My parents were doing some renovations to make the house look good to then sell it (the house looked at least a little bit like the Saint-Hubert house and it also looked like we were living in a mansion in other parts). I went where mom was and she was killing herself while dad was out in a patio in a chair with cocktails and other things to make him comfortable and I was able to calm down and I mentioned a house that would be perfect that I just found, it was big and a little over 200000$ but the year before everything was done from the roof to the floors to the electricity, everything. They had to sell because one of their family member was very sick and the only place that had treatments for that disease was far from their house, the whole family was moving with her there. Mom did not seem interested the whole time I said that plus she said that it was not perfect and I said what everything was done last year, everything and she said well someone in their family is dying and I said insulted that this was not why I thought that house was perfect. I then looked at these two maniacs and lost it. I said that I was moving out soon and that if one of them or both found me and I found out they were looking at me from afar or they got in touch with me I would call 911 and then do everything possible with lawyers to get them out of my life again. They did not care because they did not believe me. I went upstairs after grabbing two new bags of my favorite chips and mom followed me then she said with a sad face look and showed me a finger that had a small cut or something even smaller than that, I laughed (or maybe not) and said is that supposed to make me change my mind. Then I started my packing and looking for apartments, the only thing I was scared is these monsters getting me out before I was ready which would not take much time.