I remember one dream (the end i may be mistaken and it may be another dream).

I was running for my life from a psychopath who had killed a lot and who looked like a mix between Russell Crowe and the character in Wolf Creek. I was in his house (cannot remember if it started there) and I made a split decision of breaking the window (the screen) like I had ran away outside and next to that window there was a pile of dirty clothes and I hid beneath it, it was very scary but it worked. After I was sure he was gone (did not wait long - the moment i knew he was at least not seeing his house anymore) I went outside and just ran. Finally I saw a SUV parked and I made arm gestures and ran towards them and the psychopath was coming so it was perfect timing they were there (1 looked like Tucker Carlson) and I started to tell them to drive away before I was in the car, they started the car and to turn around before I was in. We drove away and the psychopath was near but we easily got away. Then (this is the part im not sure was really part of that dream) my parents went for errands and I asked them to drop me somewhere so I could do at least one and look around the few stores (it was Ste-Florence or here but where they dropped me was more like a place in Saint-Hubert) and also I wanted to go to the job center because I got a fee of 30$ with my check (saw a flashback of 2 months before when they did something for me and explained that fee which then i thought was going to be for 1 time) and I said to my parents that it was insane to take away money from welfare checks. I know at least one part is missing from my memory.