I remember one dream.

I do not remember if it started like that but it was like a movie and Dwayne Johnson was searching for his daughter who was kidnapped, he was given instruction and then he kicked butt to get her. Music started at one point and I was there and hanging by either or both an helicopter or and place and people were laughing about it but I hung on and kicked butt too (unless that part was another dream - the first part and last i was not there). The end was someone saying that he had sold everything and his place and business was to (by that time the man was mocking him) take gay couples and marry them in a plane that was adapted like a chapel or something I do not really remember and he replied something sarcastic by I think going to a woman and flirt, before he was looking lovingly at his daughter. The house part was a warehouse of an airport and outside was an airport. Mark Wahlberg was there and was the mocking man I think, I also think before that he was an helper or something of The Rock. That is all I remember except the end had music too and then credits started then I woke up.