I remember one dream.

I was visiting houses with my parents. One was hidden behind trees and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, everyone else started to laugh and my parents said there was no way they would buy that one but they checked it out anyway. When I found the price which was 129000$ before entering I said wow I could even afford it and they laughed more then I tried to calculated how to do that. It was huge inside, one gigantic room that had the kitchen on the left and the rest was the living room, the bathroom was on the left too and on the right were at least one bedroom. Then what I remember is me making my new bedroom all black and taking pictures of it all to send to my friends later, when I was taking pictures where mirrors where I made faces, either there was many mirrors or I took pictures in other rooms or another room or I took pictures of the same place in the bedroom but I remember at least two or three faces which were all different. If something else happened I do not remember it.