I remember two dreams.

All I remember (it may of started that way) is that there was a zombie epidemy and I was in what looked an old town and there where the store was there was also a huge house and me and a few other people were staying there and eventhough the windows were not closed and blocked it was still safe. I remember the store the house a few people and that is it.

The start was a woman in a car with a man and the man said something either mean or stupid or both and the woman was angry and went out the car saying she preferred to walk all the way back (they had left a huge beautiful house and were at the end of the long private road leading up to it and the house was far from a town). I said wow I normally take the men's side but this time she is right. Then it was me walking and I met kids I knew and they were searching for their Dog and I thought I knew where he was, I had something in my hands (do not remember how i got it) and I knew this will get the Dog's attention who was named Scooby Doo and he had a Scooby Doo toy. A child was on top of a toy and it turns out to be the Dog who went straight to me. Then another Dog appeared and it was a Dog I know in real life. Some time during all this my brother (like always he did not talk) and dad was there too. Toby who is the Dog was mostly around me. Then we were all around a table and Gisele who is Toby's mom was there too and she was happy to see me and I to see her. I told her what happened and I said that I was tired from the walk because I had not walk in a long time, I said a forty-five year old man was there too (cannot recall that part but i think i made it up) and he was more tired. Something felt weird so I went upstairs, all the windows and doors were shut because of zombies, I went straight to a door where from outside you had to enter your name and I checked from something that was a small cylinder with a name if it was the same and I cannot remember if it was but someone that same person was there needing to come in then I started to run (i think i screamed at the others) and we all had to hurry. Some were able to grab a few things and I went back where a big freezer was to grab meat and they all screamed at me, that freezer was near a door where zombies were coming. I threw the meat in the truck but came back for more which I was able to do it but I almost got taken by the zombies.