I remember one dream.

All I remember is that a woman was sitting on a four wheeler that was attached to a big truck and the truck while leaving a house that was being moved into or moving from lost control and the woman was stuck on the four wheeler and could not jump. It all ended up in a ditch and the woman survived but was again stuck there, the driver of the truck who looked like Dwayne Johnson told her he would get help and when he arrived on the street looked both ways and when he saw a car he went in the middle of the street (not totally but close to that spot) and moved his arms, he did not thing the driver would stop but she did, it was Jennifer Aniston and he told her what happened and he asked for her cell phone which she gave but she did not looked like she wanted to give it, by that time the man did not look like Dwayne Johnson anymore (i think it was a woman - had the feeling at at least 1 part it was maybe me) and the phone looked locked so he asked how to use it and she showed him and he called 911 but it ended up in another country not where the were from (that was happening in Canada but her phone was from the US which is where it ended up) and he was explaining what was going on and then he was told how to call the 911 there. I either woke up or stop dreaming or do not recall the rest.