I remember one dream.

It was like in the movie I Am Legend. Sometimes or often or at the start or all the time or even maybe never I looked different (like Will Smith) but it was always me. I was in the Saint-Hubert house and it was totally secured by me and I also had made sure that there was water and electricity in addition of food. My pet companion was a blue and gold Macaw. One of the living room had a car or what looked like a car and it seemed to be the main place where the Macaw had his or her toys. He or she came with me during the day. At the end we were in the house with still some sun time left and I heard a weird noise coming from a side of the house where I was so I closed all the doors and windows with the security system (like in the movie). When I went upstairs I was very stressed and I had a gun and screamed some things to scare zombies or force them to come out but none were there.