I remember two dreams.

I was watching a match of Tennis with Rafael Nadal, I was stressed and excited about it. This was happening in the Saint-Hubert house in one of the two living rooms. Towards the end when it was almost over the electricity went off and when it came back it took a while to be able to open the television and get the signal of the satellite back and when that finally happened all I heard is screams and that channel went to commercials. I was freaking out crying and screamed what does that mean is it over and I went to the other channel that showed the match and it was indeed over. I had missed the last point where he won.

Someone was driving and listening to Eminem then others too and then it was me doing that. When I first heard and saw people doing it it made me happy and proud since I am a huge Eminem fan, I think I was walking when that happened. When it was me doing that I was also singing and making gestures to go along the lyrics. Most of the songs were new and I never heard those in real life.