I remember one dream.

A woman (i think something else happened before) saw a little girl and she followed her because she had dropped something or what she did was weird, she went in an abandoned place and went up something that was stairs and like a small tower and she entered it, she also went there and saw that she was living there, it was super small. She gave the thing which was a doll and she said that she did that on purpose (do not remember if she gave the reason but with every new day she got it back). When the mom came back they talked down the tower and the woman thought about it and talked about her job while showing a paper of it and she wrote on it, it insulted the mom but after she heard of all the jobs and the salaries she became interested and she said that is it and the woman said yes. The mom got a job there and she became a man but it was still her, on her first day and first thing she had to do she got pranked (she had to get some chickens and a man or 2 were dressed as chickens and this is who she picked up). Then the woman looked different (maybe something else happened in between) and saw an accident and a woman that looked like Winona Rider ended up losing both her legs and someone told the woman that they had to amputate a second time because the scarring would of been awful. Then we saw her in a trailer park and she was walking with fake legs and had a boyfriend and was trying to act normal but when she went inside a bedroom (the man told her she looked better with more pounds on her) she opened her bathrobe and took some bags or one big bag of food that looked like cereals she used to look fatter and she started crying on the floor.